The Tom - General Movie Trivia Game

The Tom - General Movie Trivia Game

Trivia on Oscar winning films, top notch directors, off-beat comedies, and the early days of Hollywood are some of what you'll unlock with this game.

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Trivia Game For Movie Buffs To Play Online

This game of movie trivia has a blend of questions testing your knowledge on movies from the 1980s all the way up to 2019. There are questions on a variety of genres including action and adventure, dramas, and real life stories that were brought to life on the big screen. The game references TV actors that turned to film, Oscar winners and well known Hollywood directors. This trivia game is a crowd pleaser for all age groups, as there's something to grab the interest of all participants.

  • Bar Style Trivia Format
  • Use Zoom or Similar Platform to Screenshare and Play Online
  • Make Virtual Events and Parties Engaging
  • Purchase Once and Play Many Times With Different Groups

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