The Mike - General Sports Trivia Game

The Mike - General Sports Trivia Game

Play this sports trivia game for random questions across sports including the NHL, NFL, Pro Tennis, NBA, Boxing, Olympics and more.

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Mix Of Easy And Hard Sports Trivia Questions

The sports trivia questions in this game span an array of topics including pro and college basketball, pro football, major leage baseball, soccer, and more. Quiz questions will cover knowledge on record holders, Olympic medals and head coaches. Participants who know their sports facts tend to enjoy this trivia game. The questions are hard enough that just about everyone is bound to get stumped more than once, but some questions veer toward the easier end of the spectrum, so everyone is sure to be able to participate and enjoy the game.


  • Mix of General Sports Trivia Questions
  • Host Your Own Bar Style Trivia Game
  • Play Online Anytime
  • Screenshare Game With Conference Lines Like Zoom, WebEx, Skype, Etc

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