The Laura - General Knowledge Pub Style Trivia Game

The Laura - General Knowledge Pub Style Trivia Game

Pub style trivia quiz with questions on aviation, television, technology companies, mathematics and more.

$ 24.99

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A General Knowledge Trivia Game Everyone Can Enjoy

Access this trivia game and you'll be exposed to a quiz with questions on significant events, the tech industry, the human anatomy, and advertising campaigns. We even get a bit nerdy on you and have a trivia question on math. If you like trivia on modern television shows and music, that's covered in this game too. Be the host of your own pub style trivia night by using this game and your favorite screen sharing platform such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and FaceBook Messenger.


  • Bar Style Trivia, Played Online
  • You Be the Quizmaster
  • Fun for Virtual Happy Hours
  • No Subscription Needed!

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