The John - Random Trivia Question Game

The John - Random Trivia Question Game

Test your memory on random facts including game shows, historical places, renowned buildings and more.

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General Trivia Questions For Our Inner Nerd

Get the group together to play this trivia game full of general knowledge trivia questions that are bound to appeal to a variety of age groups and backgrounds. Trivia on video games, Hollywood facts, architecture, and geographical points of interest are some of the gems you'll find incorporated into this quiz. Trivia questions on literature, beverages, sports and hobbies are folded in as well. Three questions will also include visuals, if players are able to identify the images, they'll have the answers to those questions. Give it a try and play a group game that is fun for all.


  • Bar Style Trivia Game
  • Can Be Played Online
  • You Be the Quizmaster
  • Use With Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Similar


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