The Dwayne - Sports Quiz Trivia Game

The Dwayne - Sports Quiz Trivia Game

Trivia game with questions on a broad range of sports including football, basketball, hockey, the Olympics and more.

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Sports Quiz Questions and Answers Game

This trivia quiz truly covers a wide spectrum of sports leagues and events in the sporting world. When you play this game you'll have questions on NCAA record holders, achievements in the NFL, sports nicknames, notable Olympic moments and sports terminology. You'll also get quizzed on names of some of the awards given out in the world of sports as well as a experiences that a couple of athletes are likely not too proud of. It's fun sports trivia game with general knowledge questions from the 1960s to 2020.


  • Online Sports Trivia Quiz Game
  • Bar Style Trivia - You Be the Quizmaster
  • Use With Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Similar
  • One Purchase Allows for Multiple Uses (Play With Different Groups)

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