The Dell - Random Trivia Question Game

The Dell - Random Trivia Question Game

Trivia game with questions and answers on nature, sports, music, law and more.

$ 24.99

$ 19.99 ( 20% Off)

Test Your Random Trivia Knowledge

Play this trivia game and see how well you remember a variety of random topics. Spanning a wide array of topics, this trivia game you can play with friends contains questions on sports, movies and television shows. You'll also be quizzed on knowledge of cocktails, shapes, dance and recent events. A couple questions have visual clues, for players to identify. Participants enjoy this game because there's a question for everyone, and nobody is left out of the fun.

  • Host Your Own Online Trivia Game Experience
  • Like Bar Style Trivia
  • Variety of Questions
  • Use Zoom or Other Screen Sharing Conference Platform
  • Fun for Multiple Generations and Age Groups


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