The David - 80s Music Trivia Game

The David - 80s Music Trivia Game

Trivia questions and answers with a focus on 1980's music from hip-hop, British bands, rock and roll, R&B and more.

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80s Music Quiz

The music of the 1980s brought us new wave influenced by British musicians, top R&B hits, the emergence of rap, and some classic chart toppers that will bring everyone to the dance floor. Let's not forget the big hair bands and one hit wonders. This 80s music trivia game is full of questions to make you reminesce and answers to make you say "Oh yeah!". You're sure to have fun with a trip down memory lane with this 80s music quiz game. Play it with your friends!

  • Bar Style Trivia Game 
  • Can Play Online - Simply Use Web Conferencing (Ex: Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger)
  • 1980s Themed Questions
  • Play Many Times With Different Groups



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