The Christopher - 90s Music Trivia Game

The Christopher - 90s Music Trivia Game

1990's music trivia questions from a mix of genres including R&B, hip-hop, alternative and country.

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Trivia Questions About Music

The music of the 1990s was known for grunge, feuds in the rap world, and a slew of one hit wonders. With this 90s music trivia game you'll find out just how well you can recall some of the more popular albums, hit songs from TV shows, singer nicknames, and families where music is in the genes. Country music, R&B, Rock n Roll and hit pop songs are all represented here. Play today and enjoy journey back in time.

  • 90's Music Trivia Questions
  • Bar Style Trivia, Perfect for Groups
  • Play Online - Use Web Conferencing Like Zoom
  • Fun Team Building or Virtual Party Game



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