The Carrie - Horror Movie Trivia Game

The Carrie - Horror Movie Trivia Game

This trivia game focuses solely on horror films. From cult classics to modern day scary flicks, there are questions from several decades of scary movies.

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Horror Movie Trivia Question Game

How well do you remember your scary movies? If you were a theater goer and enjoyed seeing the frightening plots unfold on the big screen this horror movie trivia game is for you. It includes trivia questions on character names, the villains who terrorized communities, and plot lines. You'll also be quizzed on your knowledge of movie directors and how well you can associate movie quotes with the movie they were featured in. This game lends itself well for groups wanting to play a game online using Zoom or similar screen sharing software. Simply get the game, designate a quizmaster to host the game, and get your horror movie trivia night party started.

  • Play Trivia Like You Do In Bars - But Online!
  • Screenshare With Your Preferred Web Conference Solution
  • Host Your Own Trivia Game
  • Purchase Once and Play as Often as You'd Like (Different Family and Friend Groups)

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Good one !!

Super fun, played with the trivia group from work.