The Ben - 2000s Trivia Questions and Answers Game

The Ben - 2000s Trivia Questions and Answers Game

All quiz questions are from the 2000-2010 decade. Sports, politics, movies and more all wrapped into this fun game.

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Trivia Game Questions From The 2000s

How well do you remember what went on in the 2000-2010 years? Y2K! It was a decade where voting produced significant political shifts, household names in technology were born, and sports kept us entertained. With these trivia questions you'll be quizzed on movies, athletics, and some of the notable events that occurred in the decade. Get ready for a short trip down memory lane with these questions and answers from the 2000s. Combine this game with screensharing technology from the modern era (Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc), and you'll have a fun virtual game night.


  • Online Trivia Game
  • Perfect for Remote Groups
  • No Subscription Required
  • Play Unlimited Number of Times (Example: Play with Friends, Then Coworkers, Then Family)

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