The Alice - Movie Trivia Quiz Game

The Alice - Movie Trivia Quiz Game

Comedic performances, coming of age movies, and Academy Award winners are some of the themes in this online trivia game centered on the film industry.

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Movie Trivia Perfect For Next Game Night

Who doesn't enjoy watching a good movie? But just how many details do you remember about your favorite films? This movie trivia game will test your knowledge on actors, movie quotes, and Oscar Award winners. This movie quiz covers several movie genres including action, crime dramas, political thrillers, animated films, and romantic comedies too. Gather a group for a good game of movie trivia and get ready to play.

  • Can Play Online By Using Screensharing Platform Like Zoom
  • Adds Structure to Virtual Get-togethers & Parties
  • Trivia Questions are Appropriate for All Ages
  • Purchase Once, Play Many Times With Different Groups

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