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These trivia games are all designed for the sports junkies who love to watch every game. Each sports trivia quiz has 20 questions and answers that will challenge sports fans everywhere. The games have been created in a fashion where they can be played online by combining the use of traditional web conference lines such as Zoom or Skype. To play the sports trivia games, you’ll need a designated quizmaster who will serve as the master of ceremonies for the event. The quizmaster will be in charge of sharing their screen where the questions are displayed as well as reading the questions and answers to the group of participants. The quizmaster will also receive the answers from the players in the game, and be in charge of updating the scoring when the answers come in from the participants. Once you buy the game, you can play it as many times as you’d like at different virtual events. You can simply login to your account to access it at any time.


Sports Trivia Games

Make your game night fun, with one of these sports trivia quizzes.


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These games are made for the group of sports nuts who just can’t get together in person.  When you’re planning your next virtual event, add some structure to it by playing one of these online games chock full of sports trivia facts, statistics, and memorable moments.  The difficulty of the trivia questions in each game will vary. The sports quizzes are structured with a balanced level of difficulty.  To ensure the game is engaging, some questions will be tougher than others. It’s unlikely any player or team will get all the questions correct, and just as unlikely they’ll get all the questions wrong.  If you’re wondering how many players can play these sports trivia quizzes, we think it’s best to limit it to either 20 players or 20 teams. Our customers have told us that’s the sweet spot for a good online trivia event.

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Most sports fans are naturally a bit competitive and tend to enjoy a bit of competition that allows them to show off all the facts, figures, and game winners they remember. These trivia games are the perfect avenue for the sports fan to do just that. None of the quizzes contain multiple choice questions, each will require the participants submit their free form answers into the quizmaster. This format ensures all participants have a good time at the remote event.