Music Trivia

Music Trivia Games

If you love music and enjoy playing trivia you’re in the right place. On this page you’ll find a variety of music trivia games you can play online with a group of other musicians, friends, family or co-workers.  Each game includes 20 questions and answers (a bonus tiebreaker question too!), and will take roughly an hour for a group to play.  All of the games require players to submit free form answers without the assistance of multiple choice.  To play the games virtually, you simply need to use a web conference software with screen sharing. We recommend Zoom, but others such as Skype and Microsoft Teams will do the trick.  Each game will need a designated host, or quizmaster, to read the trivia questions and answers, and manage the scoreboard. 

Music Trivia Question and Answer Games

Turn up the tempo for your next game night, no subscription needed! Pick a game and play trivia at your next virtual party.


Bring Fanfare to Game Night

Bring the ensemble together and test your musical knowledge.

Trivia For People Passionate About Music

If you love music and you love trivia, you'll enjoy these games. The questions will test your memory on song lyrics, award winners, band names and more. When was the last time you thought about the one hit wonder from 1989? Or do you recall the song you danced to at your senior prom? Brush up on your knowledge of everything musical, and see how well you do. 

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Music Questions and Answers In A Variety of Genres

Questions on musicians, songs, bands, instruments and more.

  • 80s Music Trivia
  • Rock and Roll Trivia Questions
  • Hip Hop Trivia
  • Country Music 
  • 90s Music Trivia
  • R&B Music
  • 70s Music Trivia
  • Classical Music Trivia
  • Jazz

Online Music Trivia

Virtual game night made easy.

Each game is composed of trivia questions relating to the music industry. You’ll be able to play these games online with ease. The music trivia games are also easy to play with a group that’s together in-person by either projecting the game to a television screen or ensuring everyone has visibility to the quizmaster’s computer monitor. From one hit wonders that landed at the top of the charts to musical artists that have achieved fame with numerous Grammy Awards, we’ve got you covered.

Music Quiz Questions

You’ll be quizzed and tested on questions and facts such as:

  • Identifying the name of the song containing specific lyrics 
  • Naming the musical group or solo artist behind the musical creation
  • Musicians whose stage names differ from their given names
  • Albums and years they were released
  • Remakes of classic tunes
  • Actors who gave the music studio a try
  • Band Names
  • Movie Soundtracks
  • Musical Instruments, and more!