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Cinema fans can rejoice with this selection of movie trivia games. Each quiz has 20 questions and answers and each and every one relates to the movie industry. These games are created with a virtual game night experience in mind. To play the game virtually, simply open up the game and share screens via your favorite conference line application such as Zoom or Skype.  Each movie game will need a designated master of ceremonies, or host, which is the perfect role for the aspiring actors and comedians of the group. The host will read the movie trivia questions, receive the answers provided by the players and/or teams, and keep score along the way.  Some trivia questions are easier than others, and you’ll even be able to wager some points on more challenging questions. Once you purchase a game, you’ll be able to access it any time by simply logging into your account. It never expires and you can play it numerous times with different groups.


Movie Trivia Question and Answer Games

Make your game night fun, with one of these movie trivia quizzes. Nothing to download, host a movie trivia party entirely online.


Virtual Game Nights Made Easy

See how to put some pizazz into your next party.

Play Trivia Online While Social Distancing

While you may not be able to get together in person, you can still connect with friends and family for an online movie trivia game. Thanks to technology platforms like GoTo Meeting, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and the many other options, you’re able to enjoy the company of others and play trivia at the same time. There’s no limit per se to the number of players or teams that can play in any one game. Our customers have told us they prefer to keep the game sizes limited to either 20 individual players, or 20 teams. When the games are kept under those thresholds they’re easier for the host to manage and administer the scoring.  Send out the invitation, grab some popcorn and a soda and get ready for a fun trivia event.

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Movie quiz questions from a variety of genres.

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  • Cameo Appearances
  • World Class Directors
  • Best Picture Oscar Award
  • Documentaries
  • Movies Based on True Stories
  • Science Fiction Films
  • Horror Movies
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Benefits of Playing Movie Trivia

Unites a group, while having fun.

Nothing quite brings a group together like a friendly competition made up of movie trivia questions and answers.  There are no multiple choice questions here. The questions will require players to use their brains and come up with their own answers.  The level of difficulty of all the movie trivia games is moderate. It’s unlikely anyone will get all the questions correct, but they’re also not so hard where it makes for an unpleasant experience. The questions in each movie quiz tend to span an array of genres and eras giving everyone an opportunity to shine and show off just how much they remember.