October 26, 2020

Virtual Party Statistics and Trends

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit and much of the globe was asked to obey the stay at home orders from their local governments, people discovered virtual events and parties as a way to stay connected.  Below are the statistics to show just what people are doing to stay connected virtually, and the economics behind the virtual parties and gatherings.


The Virtual Party Trend:

According to Google Trend data search queries on virtual events and virtual parties started to reach peak popularity by late March 2020.


virtual party google search trend


The Surge In Video Conferencing

People frustrated by having to stay inside immediately turned to some of the popular online meeting platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. Here friends, family and colleagues could connect virtually for birthday parties, baby showers, happy hours, and online games. They have the ability to turn on their webcams and see each other’s faces and/or engage in screen sharing which can come in handy when playing a game online.


Zoom reported massive growth rates, including a 354% increase in number of businesses with 10+ employees using their platform. Their revenue boomed 169% from the prior year. No doubt some of these new teleconference subscribers were not only using the service for their work needs but also for connecting socially as well. 


Virtual Party Participation Statistics By Age Group


The results of a Pew Research survey showed individuals were engaging in virtual events as a way to stay connected socially during the Coronavirus pandemic.


32% of Americans had a virtual party or social gathering with friends.


Looking at the virtual event and party participants by age group shows the data is skewed heavily toward young adults and college grads participating at higher rates.


Demographics of Virtual Party Attendees

  • Age 18 - 29: 48% 
  • Age 30-49: 38%
  • Age 50 - 64: 22%
  • 65+ 20%


Education Levels of Participants Attending Online Social Gathering:

  • High School or Less: 19%
  • Some College: 30%
  • College Grad: 48%


Virtual Birthday Parties Are Quite Popular

Those individuals who celebrated birthdays in March, April and May of 2020 still wanted to be able to celebrate the occasion with their friends and loved ones. Birthday parties started to shift to allow those who were socially distancing from each other to celebrate together in a virtual environment. The demand for virtual birthday party ideas peaked in interest during April 2020 and started to decline in May as more states started to open back up in a slow recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic.


The Top 5 Virtual Party Games Played Include:


  1. Online Trivia Games

Great for adults and can also serve as a nice team building game that can be played with a remote workforce that’s staying out of the office. 


An independent survey of 50 businesses showed 45% of explored the idea of playing online trivia with their work groups as a way to build camaraderie amongst their team.


  1. Virtual Wine Tasting

Perfect for girls nights and pre-wedding activities when the bachelorette party just can’t happen in person.


Sipping wine and comparing flavors while video conferencing is more popular with the ladies than the gentlemen by a 3:1 ratio.


  1. Virtual Karoake Contests

Get some good music queued up and set aside the inhibition as you start to belt out the notes of your favorite song. Just hope nobody hits record on the video conference line...afterall what happens in virtual karaoke night, should stay in virtual karaoke night. The virtual karoake parties were most popular with the college crowd and younger adults.


  1. The Resurgence of Charades...Played Remotely

The classic game can be played with all age groups and is a perfect virtual event for when you can’t be together in person. There are several word generator sites that will fuel the game for you for free. You can even select the difficulty of the word to help keep an even playing field for both children and adults.


Google trend data showed search demand peaked for virtual charade games during the March 29 - April 4 2020 time period.

virtual charades search trend over time


  1. Virtual Drawing Games - Like Pictionary

Ever noticed Zoom has a Whiteboard feature? You can bring back a modern version of a family favorite game.  Try using it to draw out words and let your remote party participants view your artistic masterpiece and take guesses at what you’re drawing. Lots of fun can be had with this one!


virtual trivia games