March 01, 2021

Facts About the 2020 Summer Olympics, Now Scheduled for 2021

On your marks, get set, go! Oh wait, not exactly. The 2020 Summer Olympic Games were to be held in Tokyo Japan starting in July 2020. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic swept through the world, it became clear it could be very risky for athletes, coaches, event staff, and spectators to participate in the Olympic festivities.  Athletes who had timed their training schedule to be in peak condition in late July, were left wondering how the schedule would shift.  On March 24, 2020 it was announced the Summer Olympics would be postponed until July 2021. 

The Olympics Had Been Cancelled Before, But Not Postponed

While the International Olympic Committee (IOC) did everything they could, they eventually had to postpone the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in an effort to keep everyone as safe as possible.  This marked the first time the Olympics were postponed, although they had been cancelled three times due to world wars, in 1916 (WWI), 1940 and 1944 (WWII).


What is the International Olympic Committee (IOC)?

The IOC which was created on June 23, 1894, is the governing body for the Olympic Games. It’s a non-profit organization with the mission to build a better world through sport. 


What are the dates for the 2021 Summer Olympics?

The 2021 Summer Games will be held from Friday July 23 through Sunday August 8, 2021. While they will be held in the 2021 calendar year, they will still be known as the 2020 Olympic Games. This distinction is something that is sure to come up in rounds of sports trivia in the near future. Study up trivia nerds!


Will Olympic athletes be required to get the Coronavirus vaccine?

No, while athletes will be encouraged to get the Coronavirus vaccination, officials are not making it mandatory.  Facemasks will be required when indoors with the exception of when eating and sleeping. Athletes will be subject to safety precautions including temperature checks and regular COVID-19 testing.  Over $900 million will be spent on measures to related to the pandemic.


Will there be fans in the stands for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo?

There has been a lot of speculation if fans will be allowed to attend the Olympic events. While the IOC has not made a commitment, it’s speculated that fans will be allowed in some fashion, likely at partial capacity at the various venues.


Who are the top athletes to watch in the 2021 Summer Olympics?

  • Simon Biles - The American gymnast will be attempting to defend her individual gold medals in all-around, vault and floor, while capturing even more hardware in balance beam.  Always fun to watch and a well liked personality in and outside the world of sports, she’s sure to provide entertainment in 2021.
  • David Boudia - The American diver has captured four medals, one gold, two bronze and one silver, and needs just one more medal to tie the great Greg Louganis for the most Olympic medals in U.S. diving history.  
  • Katie Ledecky - The American swimmer who surprised many by winning the gold medal in the 800 meter freestyle in 2012 at the youthful age of 15, will be back in the pool again. She’s targeting the 200, 400, 800 and 1,500 meter freestyle, and has a good chance at bringing home more medals this year.


How much is the broadcasting revenue expected to be for the 2021 Summer Games?

Based on the $2.8 billion in revenue brought in from the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, the broadcast revenue from the 2021 Games in Tokyo is expected to eclipse the $3 billion dollar threshold. Because the pandemic will still be in effect and many people will still be practicing safer at home measures, a large television audience is expected. And large TV audiences boost profits for broadcasters. Kaching $$!

Have the Olympics ever been held in Japan?

The 2021 games in Tokyo will be the fourth time the Olympics have been held in Japan. Tokyo was the host city for the 1964 Summer Olympics. Then the city of Sapporo hosted the Winter Olympics in 1972, and then in 1998 Nagano hosted the Winter games. 

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