April 20, 2021

6 Online Group Games You Can Play on Zoom

More people are now eligible for and receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. And while in-person gatherings start to ramp up once again, there are still opportunities where you may opt for online group games played over Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. For instance many workplaces are creating hybrid offices where employees split time between home and office. Some organizations have gone with a fully remote workforce and are no longer paying rent for office space.  These workforces still need fun activities and team building exercises. Or perhaps you have friends and family spread out in different cities. Or maybe you’re in the same city but don’t want to commute to a common location.  These scenarios are a good chance to explore bringing the group together for an online game.  Below are some fun options to consider playing for your next virtual game night.


  1. Among Us - This is an online multi-player game that has been around since 2018.  But it really started to get traction when the pandemic hit in March 2020. It’s great for groups of up to 10 people in size. It’s a game that blends science fiction with murder mystery and is a good option for when you’re trying to incorporate some team building into the experience.  There are free options available in the App stores (Google Play and Apple), but they do come with advertisements layered in. For a small fee of $4.99, your group can play the game without the annoying advertisements interrupting the fun.
  2. Movie Trivia Games - There are a variety of movie trivia question and answer games offered which are perfect for groups and playing over Zoom. To play the trivia games online, the group needs to designate one person to be the quizmaster. These games emulate the experience you’ve had when going to bar trivia nights, the difference is the game is conducted entirely online. So bring your own beer and munchies and enjoy the trivia game with your selected group.
  3. Virtual Escape Rooms - There’s a good chance you’ve seen escape rooms popup in your community. Now those same experiences can be played online. The virtual experiences make you find your way out of challenging situations by reading clues, and observing visual queues to get out of the room before the time expires. There are two different options, one for groups with 8 people or less, and one for groups of 9 people and larger. Once again, these group games are Zoom friendly.
  4. Codenames - This is a game that can be played online with 2 teams going head to head. The game is structured with a grid of 25 cards which all have words displayed on them. Teams need to work to use the clues displayed on the cards to formulate guesses to identify all the cards that belong to them. Once again, this game took off when an online version was created to help keep groups connected during the pandemic.
  5. Drawize - This is a digital online version of the old school game of Pictionary which came out in 1985. It’s super easy to get started. There are options for playing the game with your private group, or if you’re solo, you can get assigned to a game allowing you to play with other players looking for fun online games.  You get to select an avatar that resembles your online persona. Players draw out words and guess the answers just like if it was a game being played in person. It’s free, but there are advertisements, fortunately they’re not too pesky and shouldn’t interrupt your game much.
  6. Goosechase Scavenger Hunts - This company offers scavenger hunt ideas as well as structured enterprise level games that lend themselves well to corporate fundraising events.  The games vary in format and can be set in a fashion that allows players to stay entirely in their home. Alternatively, players can explore their community while looking for items on their list.  It’s something that worked out well during the quarantine where people had various comfort levels of getting out and about.  They have an app to make the game easy to play on mobile devices out exploring.


There you have it. Now you’re equipped with online game options that are great for virtual groups.  If you don’t have Zoom installed on your computers, other platforms will work fine. Google Meet and Facebook Messenger are other free alternatives for playing the games virtually. You just need a platform where screensharing is offered. Have fun and stay safe.


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