January 18, 2021

How to Host Trivia Games Online

Most of us have friends and family scattered in different locations. Whether you’re in the same city or spread across multiple geographies, it doesn’t mean you can’t connect.  Playing a trivia game online is a great way to get your friends together for a fun, structured event that everyone can enjoy.  Below we’ll walk you through the steps to host your own trivia game online. 


What Do I Need to Host an Online Trivia Game?

For the best experience, you need a web conference platform, like Zoom or Google Meet. And of course you need a trivia game to play. There are several online trivia games that are perfect for playing online with your friends. Below are some suggestions to consider. Select the right trivia game to host for your group based on their interests.


The Andy - Random Knowledge Trivia Game

This game is perfect for the people who have knowledge bases that are well rounded. The questions include topics such as business and industry, European landmarks, famous works of art, and Greek Mythology. Your friends will be challenged, but the questions aren’t impossible so you and your friends are sure to have a good time. Access trivia game here.


The Katy - Music Trivia Question Game

This trivia game is full of questions and answers which all relate to the music industry. As the host you’ll get to see how much your friends know about rappers, British rock bands, modern day pop stars and more. There are trivia questions where players will need to place events in music history in order they occurred, as well as questions where players will need to name the song which lyrics are from. Most of the questions relate to music from the 2010-2020 time frame. You can check out the game here.


The Alice - Movie Trivia Quiz Game

If your friends are cinephiles, they’ll enjoy this trivia game which has 20 questions focused solely on the movie industry. Questions span an array of movie genres and include Oscar winning dramas, action, adventure and animated films. Your friends will need to think through the questions to name films, actors, events that inspired the films, and more. Go here to access the movie trivia game.


The Mike - General Sports Trivia Game

This trivia game is designed for sports fans and covers a wide array of sports including football, basketball, horse racing, tennis and more.  Events in 2020 are covered as are older events from the 1970s. Sports fans will be tested on their knowledge of the games, but again the game is designed for fun, so while the questions are challenging they’re not so hard where participants will be miserable. You can give the game a try here.


bar style trivia game


How Do You Host a Virtual Trivia Night on Zoom?

First you need to select the date and time of your hosted trivia game. Then you can use Zoom to send out the scheduled invitation to your group of attendees. On the day of the trivia night you’ll pull up the trivia game on your monitor. As the quizmaster, aka moderator, you’ll display the game via Zoom screen sharing. You’ll start by reading the rules of the game and explaining how participants will relay their answers to the trivia questions to you the host. Typically it’s accomplished via the Zoom chat function. When you’re ready to start the game, you’ll display the first question on your monitor and read it aloud for all participants. They’ll have time to think through their answers and submit them to you.  Once the answers are in, or the time limit for the question expires, you’ll display the answer and read it out loud for all to hear.  You’ll track the scores to give credit to the players who got the answer correct.  See our detailed post for more details on hosting trivia on Zoom.


What are the Benefits of Hosting an Online Trivia Game?

If you’ve ever been on a Zoom call with a multitude of people, you know how challenging it can be when several people try to talk at the same time.  The opposite can also occur when there’s an awkward silence and people aren’t engaged. Hosting a trivia game adds the element of a planned event that keeps people entertained and engaged. Here you'll find an array of trivia games you can play on Zoom.  


We hope you found this article helpful and ideally it will give you the springboard you need to host your next online trivia event.  Enjoy!