November 30, 2020

Brain Teaser Homonym Quiz

Ready to give your brain a little bit of a workout? We’re going to delve into the world of grammar and explain the differences and similarities between homonyms, homophones and homographs. We’ll give you definitions and some examples of each. We’ve even got a quiz to test out what you’ve learned. But don’t worry, this homonym quiz is purely for fun, no grades will be given.

What are homonyms?

They are words that are spelled and/or pronounced the same, but have different meanings.

Example of homonyms spelled and pronounced the same: Right can mean correct, and also a direction which is the opposite of left.

Example of homonyms spelled differently and pronounced the same: Groan and Grown


What are homophones?

Homophones are two or more words that when pronounced sound alike, they may be spelled differently, and they have different definitions.  

Example of homophones spelled differently: to and two

Example of homophones spelled the same: trunk, can mean body part of an elephant, or a storage container


What are homographs?

Homographs are two or more words that are spelled exactly the same, they may be pronounced differently, and they have different definitions.

Example of homographs pronounced differently: bass can be defined as a fish, or low in pitch. 

Example of homographs pronounced the same: accent, can mean the pronunciation of language distinct to a region, or to place emphasis on


A homonym overlaps with both a homophone and a homograph.


homonyms overlap with homophones homographs


Test Your Knowledge With This Homonym Quiz

See if you can identify the words described as well as determine if they are a homonym, homophone and/or homograph. The answers can be found below.


  1. To grow fatigued; part of a wheel

  2. A male deer; one US dollar

  3. A right to keep possession of property belonging to another person until a debt owed by that person is discharged; be in a sloping position

  4. Speech delivered to an audience; numbers that indicate where someone lives 

  5. Male child of a couple; brightest orb in the Milky Way Galaxy

  6. Edge of a river; a financial institution where people can deposit money

  7. The lowest cardinal number, half of two; the past tense of win

  8. A competitive sporting event; a pair of items with similar features

  9. The steepness of a slope; the delivery of a baseball to a batter

  10. A grain commonly used to make bread and wiskey; referring to a persons face when twisted into an expression of disgust, disappointment, or annoyance

  11. An object that is thrown, hit, and kicked in sports games; to cry intensely

  12. A small number of items; an exclamation of relief

  13. Brain and intellect; to look after

  14. The area on the body below the ankle, containing the toes; a major accomplishment

  15. An account kept in writing or some other permanent form; a thin plastic disk which contains music that can be heard when played on a phonograph

  16. The noise made from a dissatisfied audience; alcohol, particularly hard liquor

  17. An officer of high rank in the Army directly below a brigadier general; a softer, usually edible part of a nut or seed contained within its hard shell

  18. An object or piece of material that connects to a mast and helps a ship propel forward when caught by the wind; the period when a merchant or retailer discounts prices

  19. An area of outdoor land often used for recreation; to bring a car or other vehicle to a hault

  20. The past tense of rolling a ball on the ground; a person who shows they are extremely brave and confident


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Phew, are you tired yet? Yes, puns intended (see #12 & #1 below). See how you did by checking out the answers below.


Homonym Quiz Answers

  1. Tire - Homonym and Homograph

  2. Buck - Homonym and Homograph

  3. Lien  and Lean - Homonym and Homophone

  4. Address - Homonym and Homograph

  5. Son and Sun - Homonym and Homophone

  6. Bank - Homonym and Homograph

  7. One and Won - Homonym and Homophone

  8. Match - Homonym and Homograph

  9. Pitch - Homonym and Homograph

  10. Rye and Wry - Homonym and Homophone

  11. Ball and Bawl - Homonym and Homophone

  12. Few and Phew - Homonym and Homophone

  13. Mind - Homonym and Homograph

  14. Feet and Feat - Homonym and Homophone

  15. Record - Homonym and Homograph

  16. Boos and Booze - Homonym and Homophone

  17. Colonel and Kernel - Homonym and Homophone

  18. Sail and Sale - Homonym and Homophone

  19. Park - Homonym and Homograph

  20. Bowled & Bold - Homonym and Homophone

How did you do on the homonym quiz? Does your brain hurt? Hopefully you had fun and it wasn't too painful. If you're ready for something a bit more light hearted, check out our infographic on Alex Trebek and Ben Stein. Two of our favorite game show hosts compared side by side. 


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