October 24, 2020

5 Virtual Party Ideas for When You Cant Be Together In Person

You may live hundreds or thousands of miles apart from your friends, family, and colleagues. But that doesn’t mean you can’t connect virtually for some fun activities. Fortunately there are an array of teleconferencing platforms to help us come together. Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, and Google Meet are some of the more common solutions that most people can gain access to either free or inexpensively. Here are the 5 structured ways to enjoy the company of others virtually. 


  1. Host a Virtual Card Game

Card games are one of the oldest forms of entertainment, and the good news is there’s an opportunity to play cards virtually. Whether your preferred game is Poker, Go-Fish, or Euchre, it can be done with ease via http://playingcards.io/ an online card platform. You and your friends can view the same synchronized card table and enjoy some strategic fun.

  1. Play a Virtual Trivia Game

If you’ve ever played trivia in your local bar or neighborhood pub, you know just how much fun it can be. Now that same level of enjoyment can be had even when you’re not able to convene together under the same roof.  You’ll need to start by designating someone in your party to moderate the quiz questions for the players in the trivia game. You can access trivia questions here. From there you can share the questions via any of the common screen-sharing conference platforms and keep score along the way.

  1. Charades - Webcam Style

Charades is an oldie but goodie and is a great way to bring together a multitude of generations. To get started everyone will need to be sure their device of choice, laptop, phone, tablet etc, has a functioning webcam. Next the participants will need to position the device in a location where they can easily be seen acting out clues. Teams can use an online word generator like this, to come up with the phrases to act out. A simple scoring system can be utilized that will award more points for words that have a higher level of difficulty.

  1. Scrabble Anyone?

If you’re on the hunt for a more cerebral party, the classic word game, Scrabble, is available online here.  While each game is limited to four people, there’s a lot of possibilities for online tournaments which could be a good excuse to have a recurring party. Tip, if you haven’t yet mastered your 2 letter words, get started. Once you have those down, you’ll have upped your game.

  1. Remote Wine Tasting Event

To get this going you’ll need to select 3-5 wines that you and the group will sample. Send them the list in advance so they can purchase the wines. It’s ideal if the wines are available in smaller size sample bottles. Some liquor stores specialize in this, so be sure to check around. Once you and your friends gather virtually, you can sample the wines and compare notes on the fruity accents and flavors of each wine. This is a great way to sip and swirl and enjoy each other’s company from afar.


Connecting with each other during the quarantine of a pandemic can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Having meaningful conversations and enjoying the company of others is doable, it just may take a bit more planning than before.


bar style trivia on zoom