About Us

Trivia20 offers a fun, affordable way to connect with your friends, family, and/or colleagues.

Trivia20 was born out of the Coronavirus pandemic. As trivia enthusiasts, we were forced to put our love of bar style team trivia on hold because of the stay-at-home mandate throughout the US. We made the decision at that time to create a website where online trivia could be played ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Please enjoy our trivia games and play them with friends and family often - virtually or under the same roof. 

As you explore our trivia games you'll find there are themes on movie trivia, sports trivia, music, 80s trivia and more.  One of the common questions we get is why our trivia games are named "The Tom", or "The Meryl", etc.  Some of our site visitors think the name of the game relates to the name of the person who created the trivia questions.  Nope!  The answer is, each trivia game is given a name that corresponds with one of the questions in that game. It's our way to have some fun along the way.  Hope you enjoy playing our trivia games, we're so glad you came to our site. 

Thanks for visiting Trivia20. Check out games perfect to play on Zoom.