Zoom Trivia Games, Play Online

Online trivia games for remote groups. Trivia nights made easy with built in scoring system, nothing to download.

Online Trivia Games - Multiple Categories

General Knowledge, Sports, Movies, and Music Trivia Games.

  • Host your own trivia night, use Zoom or any web conference system.
  • Each game has 20 questions + 1 tiebreaker. 
  • Free form trivia questions, no multiple choice.
  • 2 questions allow for wagering points.
  • Each trivia game takes roughly an hour for a group to play.

Virtual Trivia Games for Zoom

Sports Trivia Games

Music Trivia

Movie Trivia Games

Play Trivia on Zoom With Groups

Use a web conference platform and select a host.

One player will be the designated trivia host, or Quizmaster, managing the game.  The quizmaster will use a conference line of choice, examples include: Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams. Once all players are logged into the same conference, the game can begin. The Quizmaster will enter the names of the players and/or teams into the scoring module. Questions will appear on screen and can be read aloud by the host. Participants will submit their trivia answers to the Quizmaster who will review the answers and be in charge of scorekeeping. Once all the players have submitted their answer, the Quizmaster will reveal the correct answer for all players to see.

Trivia Questions That Make You Think

With questions formatted similarly to bar trivia nights.

All of the trivia questions require participants to put on their thinking caps to generate an answer. There are no multiple choice questions.  This structure provides a more engaging experience for the participants. Some of the games have visual questions mixed in where participants will be asked to identify what they see on the screen. Each online trivia quiz will have two questions where players can wager points based on their confidence in knowing the correct answer.  These questions come at the midpoint and end of the game.  If they wager correctly, the points will be added to their score. If they answer questions incorrectly, they’ll lose those points.  If the score at the end of the game is tied, we’ve included a bonus brain-buster question that is quite a bit harder than other questions and will help break up a tied game.

Host Trivia Night At Home

Play trivia at home, simply display game for all to view.

Having a Zoom account isn't required and the games certainly aren’t limited to playing virtually. If you’re having a game night or a dinner party, the trivia games can be played by participants under the same roof. To achieve this, it works well if the Quizmaster can share their computer screen on a large monitor or TV for everyone to see.  Participants can play individually or as teams. The players can simply write down their trivia answers on a piece of paper and hand them to the Quizmaster, or send a simple text message to the Quizmaster with their answer.